Genesis Investment Management, LLP


As an owner-managed boutique focused on investing in EM equities for the last 31 years, Genesis believes it is well-positioned to deliver long-term sustainable performance in EM.


c.300bps per annum over 31 years*


  • Sophisticated asset owners
  • Long-term relationships
  • Prudent AUM management

Partnership Structure

  • Owner-managed
  • Single investment strategy
  • Culture of excellence, teamwork, openness and humility

Philosophy & Process

  • Long-term investments in quality businesses at attractive prices
  • Collaborative process with individual accountability
  • Deep fundamental research


  • Diverse group of skilled & experienced investors
  • Enduring personal interest in EMs
  • Well-resourced organisation

* Based on Genesis Emerging Markets (“GEM”) Equity Composite (gross of annual fees) vs MSCI EM Index. Genesis Composite performance – Genesis’ own records. Gross of management, custodial and administration fees but after all trading commissions and transaction costs. Returns are calculated net of withholding taxes on dividends, interest income and capital gains. Index performance – calculated by Genesis based upon index values supplied by MSCI.
Source: Genesis Investment Management, LLP

The Manager has generated ~300bps p.a. gross outperformance since 1989 relative to the MSCI EM (TR) Index, and believes this is due to the unique combination of the four pillars listed above rather than any of those pillars alone. 

As a firm with a culture of excellence, teamwork, openness and humility, Genesis has had the long-term support of their sophisticated clients, which allowed the team to be prudent with their capacity management and focus on investment returns. The strategy of undertaking deep fundamental research to make long-term investments in quality businesses at attractive prices in global EM equities remains as relevant today as ever. Their diverse group of skilled and experienced Portfolio Managers with enduring personal interest in EM uses a collaborative investment process with individual accountability, while the well-resourced broader Genesis team supports the day-to-day operations of the business.